What Would You Like to See?

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Re: What Would You Like to See?

Post by Sachlaw » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:02 pm

rishio wrote:
Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:13 am

So just saying that I vote for more Powerbender stuff.
I will ditto this one.

@ poster:
I moved over to powerbender myself this year.
If you have not already, order that PowerBender book. The book is great, and the audio files will be invaluable. After you walk through the written lesson in the book, you can just use the audio file without continuing to reference the paper book. He does all the licks/scales for you in gross detail and there is stuff to jam with. I think when you order the book, you get the audio and a pdf to download (on 6th position I believe, I may be wrong), but in any event, you get something to immediately start working with. Brendan is playing the licks, so it is great ear training also.

The second position will come along before you know it. Frankly, I table that one for practice so I can focus on the positions and or modes that I typically don't play in. 6th position is crazy fun and sounds fantastic on the PB.

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Re: What Would You Like to See?

Post by rishio » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:37 am

Brendan wrote:
Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:33 am
I do have an instructional book/CD for PowerBender already, in case you hadn't seen it:
Actually, I did buy this book and it's the first one I learned from. That's how I started learning about the 7 pentatonic scales in the 1st,2nd Maj/Min,3rd,4th,5th and 12th which was my main focus in practicing at the time. I will go through the book again and think I will get more out of it the second time around since my skill level feels more appropriate for it at this point in time.

Which gives me feedback I'd like to give you on the book. Everything was great, but I think the final "Eleven Key Song" (track 85) is to advanced for this book. I would have preferred if the final song was just covering the pentatonic scales like the 7 I mentioned above. I also would have liked an introduction to the blues scale in second position, which took me a year to discover when some random person who played guitar knew it and told me the scale.

Oh yes, one more thing. I wish there was a PDF of the book and downloadable audio files. I took a picture every every page so I can have the book with me on my iphone ( luckily before the physical book was destroyed from falling into a river in my travels). I still wish there were a PDF I could download - but I'll manage with the pictures.

So that gives me 2 ideas for the Powerbender youtube videos:
1. A piece talking about the 7 pentatonic scales and a back-track song where the viewer can jam like in your book.
2. A piece on the blues scale in 2nd position with a back-track song. I think this would be especially cool because we can do the blues scale in 2nd position all the way up and down the harp with only draw bends. I believe it's more difficult in Richter.

Anyway, those are my long-winded 2 cents...

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