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Windsaver valves are used in various kinds of accordions and harmonicas, to eliminate air loss through opposing reed slots. All chromatic harmonicas are fully-valved (one valve per reed) and many diatonic players like to use half-valving in their harps (where only the low-pitched reeds in each chamber are valve-affected, enabling diatonic-style note bending to be retained). This is an idea I pioneered in 1980, which is becoming increasingly popular.

A big factor stopping more players trying valves in their harmonicas is the fiddly process of fitting them: one-by-one, with glue. It's skilled work, and easy to get wrong. After nearly four decades of laboriously fitting individual valves to my own harps I finally came up with a better idea: the Gasket-Valve!

This is a one-piece unit with ALL the internal valves attached. Made of a thin resilient material, the Gasket-Valve fits between the comb and draw reedplate without any adhesive. Its precision design aligns all the valves perfectly to the reed slots, with the minimum valve footprint sitting on the reedplate. Combined with a slightly dimpled texture to reduce capillary attraction, this eliminates sticking, and reduces valve 'slap' noise to virtual inaudibility. Plus, because all the valves are part of the same piece of material, they lie flat by default.

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My notched Valve Scissors simplify and speed up accurate cutting of the installed valves to length, as shown in the video.

Diatonic PowerCombs
Aside from the superior valve fit and action, there is another big plus of the Gasket-Valve: it functions as a sealing gasket too! It's well known that the fit of hard metal reedplates and harmonica combs is never perfect, and many players go to great lengths to sand them flat. As you tighten up the reedplate screws the Gasket-Valve slightly compresses between the hard comb/reedplate surfaces and fills any gaps, sealing the parts together for superior airtightness.

We also offer an optional standard gasket for the upper blow reedplate, which cannot be sanded. This will ensure a perfect seal on the blow reedplate as well, adding to the improved seal gained from the Gasket-Valve part on the lower draw reedplate. Though sanding of the comb and lower reedplate is still advised, using the Gasket-Valve and upper gasket part together will significantly improve airtightness on a stock harp.


Once you've disassembled your harmonica, fitting the Gasket-Valve is simplicity itself. I show how in the tech videos, for three main types of diatonic harmonica: lipped-comb Richter harps, traditional sandwich-comb Richter harps , and harps in Regular-breath tunings like PowerBender, PowerDraw etc. The second video shows some extra useful points – please watch both videos before fitting: VIDEO 2: Extra Fitting Advice.


I've designed the Gasket-Valve System for a wide range of popular harps. All you need to do is choose the brand/model you play, plus the tuning and extra gasket options, and you'll be posted Gasket-Valve parts that fit your harp perfectly. International Shipping cost is INCLUDED in the price.

Gasket Valves

£12 per set

£10 per set for 3 or more



*Reversed Breathing Pattern in Top Octave:
Standard Richter, Paddy Richter, Country, Melody Maker, Natural Minor etc. (Come as standard with short outer blow valve unit for top 4 holes)

*Regular Breathing Pattern Throughout: PowerBender, PowerDraw, ED Tuning, Diminished, WholeTone, PowerChromatic etc (Come as standard with only the inside Gasket-Valve, no outer valve required)

Solo Tuning: Choose this option if you want the 10-valve outer blow valve option added

Tech videos

Quick links to the appropriate parts of the video for three diferent harp types/tunings: These are also listed in the video notes. VIDEO 2: Extra Fitting Advice Please watch both videos before fitting your Gasket-Valve parts

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