Custom made reedplates? Standard reed width?

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Custom made reedplates? Standard reed width?

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First post to this forum.

Does anyone here make (or use) custom made reed plates? My understanding is that manufacturers punch them out of sheet brass. But I'm wondering how hobbyists/inventors (such as Brendan) make theirs?

And that brings up the related question, if i am going to make my own plates, what is a good slot width to use. Or from another angle, who is a good source of quality reeds, and what is their standard width.

For example, should i expect that all Hohner harmonicas have the same width of reeds? Are Hohner reeds easily available?

Any info or advice appreciated!

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Re: Custom made reedplates? Standard reed width?

Post by Brendan » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:11 am

I did try making laser-cut reedplates a few years ago, and tried waterjet also, cutting slots to fit standard Hohner reeds. It turned out to be way too difficult and time-consuming to create harmonicas this way, so I gave up. But if you want to try, Hohner reeds come in two widths - can't remember exactly what they are (I'm currently on the Eurostar traveling through France) but just get a digital caliper and get measuring.

However I would honestly say to most people about making their own reeds: "Don't bother, it's too hard!". It's easier to hack existing reedplates in some way.

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