Lucky 13 & Embossing.

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Re: Lucky 13 & Embossing.

Post by madden » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:45 am

Lucky13inacg wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:04 pm
Thanks Triona but i've run into a problem with brand new 'Unlucky 13'

I bought a G the lowest key. Had it about a week maybe and was playing it tonight. Vamping away Sonny terry style on the low end and suddenly i noticed it sounded weird like it had went crazily out of tune or something or that one of the reeds was stuck. Hole 1 draw is kaput. After one week! It seems to have went massively flat and i don't know why apart from the reeds are of an appalling quality.

Far eastern made so maybe i should have known. I like the Lucky 13's they are so much fun to play but the quality seriously let's them down. This being one example. I'd send it back but don't want to ship it to China.

Disappointed. I probably won't buy anything again now Brendan. This is how a brand's name get's tarnished by bad/poor quality components.
I just read your post and after hearing your problem makes me believe my 13 might’ve had a quality issue as well except mine was a 6 blow reed that just went dead with nothing visually noticeable after only 2 months. Currently I’ve made contact with Gary Lehman in California to have it repaired but I just keep debating if it’s worth having it repaired (scared to waist money if another reed is going to stop in a month) so it’s just sitting in limbo. Now after your post I’m thinking im not shipping across country for this.

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