DVD "Live & Unlimited"

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DVD "Live & Unlimited"

Post by triona » Sun Oct 04, 2020 4:44 pm

I just got me your awsome CD "WRIGGLE and WRITHE".
I enjoy it very much, especially the first title ("Celtic Thunder / Kent to Kinsale") and "Baltic Crossing". I started to play the accordion voice of the latter with a Slide Diatonic, and even better with a Seydel Sampler, on which the slide is augmenting the notes by a fifth. (I chose the D respectively the D / A mixolydian.)

And then I discovered this:
Quote from the description below the video:
LIVE at the WESTGATE HALL: Tim Edey & Brendan Power - WRIGGLE and WRITHE
Filmed by Anton French at the Westgate Hall, Canterbury, England - May 19th 2012.
More material from this gig (plus lots of other goodies including sheet music, tab, chord charts, interviews etc etc) will be coming out on a DVD to be released later this year.

My question:
Which tunes are covered by the included sheet music, tabs, chord charts?
Is the sheet music etc easily to print out from the DVD?

And one more: "O'Carolan Tune" > Do you happen to know which one of the 214 it is?

dear greetings

Btw: Maybe you have overlooked this:
The answer were simply yes or no. :)
It is hard to make out on my screen, whether the covers are silver (chrome plated) or black (laqueur).
Aw, Thou beloved, do hearken to the Banshee's lonely croon!
sinn féin - ça ira !
Cad é sin do'n té sin nach mbaineann sin dó

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1yI3H ... 9ktgzTR2qg

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