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Goldschmidt/Sowards Gen. 6 PowerChrom tuning for 13-hole switch harp

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:05 pm
by IaNerd
NAME: “Goldschmidt/Sowards Gen. 6 PowerChrom tuning for 13-hole switch harp

The Gen. 4 version of “Goldschmidt/Sowards” tuning took a step forward by splitting the Slide In-Draw up into two sets of notes, such that the right half of the comb’s chords could be in roughly the same register as the left half. The Gen. 5 version eliminated the physical discontinuity in the three “notes” layers (by assuming the availability of a 14-hole slide harp with reentrant tuning only in the Slide-In Draw “chord” layer). Gen. 6 is nearly identical, except this is now based on the availability (not yet existent) of specially prepared combs and reed plates for the EastTop/Power Lucky 13, which would then be fitted into a Brendan Power Switch Harp frontpiece.

WHEN/HOW: December of 2017. I have not had one made.

Observe how all the draw notes can be bent by one semitone. This makes playing NEARLY chromatically (and in the minor hexatonic blues scale in G) possible with or without the use of the slider notes.