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"Cumin Bob” tuning for 10-hole harp

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:12 pm
by IaNerd
NAME: “Cumin Bob” tuning for 10-hole harp

This tuning is designed especially for single-note and octave-split play. I think it would be especially powerful if set up as low possible. In this example, which is intended for play in the key of G major, the pattern is to have a Bb major chord in the blow layer, and a C minor chord in the draw layer.

In most of my previous "blues" tunings, I have been careful to include the C#, so as to make a full minor hexatonic blues scale. This can be contrasted with the "minor pentatonic blues scale" that is discussed and played so often. In this tuning, however, I let go of the C# in favor of an Eb. This gives the new scale a different flavor.

WHEN/HOW: Februaryof 2018. I have not yet had one made.