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“Cumin Bob FiG CuD” tuning for 12-hole harp

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:05 pm
by IaNerd
NAME: “Cumin Bob FiG CuD” tuning for 12-hole harp

The original "Cumin Bob" tuning was designed especially for single-note and octave-split play. This is basically the same thing, except that it is built on a 12-hole format, and four useful chords occupy the last five chambers. All four notes in chambers 9 and 11 can be tuned to ET -14 cents.

In most of my previous "blues" tunings, I set the important chords on the left and any single-note areas on the right. This tuning is a reverse of that pattern.

WHEN/HOW: February of 2018.