Saws for cutting reed plates?

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Saws for cutting reed plates?

Post by IaNerd » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:38 pm

I have used various hand and power tools for cutting reed plates, but not with good safety or precision. I just noticed a (new?) class of tools called "miniature benchtop cut-off/miter saws". They cost around $50 USD. Have any of you used these tools generally,or specifically for cutting reed plates?

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Re: Saws for cutting reed plates?

Post by triona » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:04 pm

I think this looks like a nice small tool. Maybe good for some small and precise serial cuttings, as well as for mitre cuts. But since I have made not so good experience with a freehand mini circular saw, I would prefer a mini angle grinder with ultra thin blades (*) for cutting reed plates, at least for a try. The advantage of these is the much higher rotation speed in connection with a very thin and fine grinding grit. Dentists use this as well for cutting dental prothesis of very tough-but-flexible alloys like chrome-molybdene or alike, where high precision is required.

As an example look here: ... 4000--7737
There are cheaper ones too, which do the job as well.
Recommended rotation speed is about 18.000 up to 22.000 rpm.
There are also clamping tools, drill stands and mini vices available, if freehand cutting does not provide sufficient precision.

*) Caution: These are prone to break when tilted too hard. Use of goggles recommended.

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