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Jig Jazz is a self-financed album, recorded live to DAT master in 1996 by myself and guitarist Frank Kilkelly to sell at our live shows. Frank is from Castlebar on Ireland's west coast, and grew up playing jigs and reels. However, he also developed an interest and great skill in the Hot Club style of jazz guitar, and so was well equipped to come up with interesting accompaniments for my eclectic repertoire.

We toured quite a bit together before I got committed (sic) to the Riverdance show, and this CD was recorded live to DAT to sell at gigs. It has quite a range of material, reflecting our live show. It's never been commercially released.

Frank is now living in Galway, and has written an instructional book/CD on guitar accompaniment styles for Irish music.


A pretty even balance of half-valved chromatics and diatonics, in various tunings.
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