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TWO HARPS IN ONE! (Now Available in ALL 12 KEYS!)

Long Ago (1980) and Far Away (New Zealand) I started making my own custom 'Stretch Harps' in 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16 hole sizes, by slicing two normal harps and joining them back together. My 13-hole Stretch Harp was in Richter Extended tuning: normal 10-hole range plus an extra low octave on the left. It wasn't easy to make, as in those days I had to add a lot of solder to the extra low reeds as well as do the cutting/joining of parts - but the result was worth it: a 4-octave diatonic with the same hole spacing as a normal harp! I became addicted to having that extra bottom-end built in, and nicknamed the harp my 'Lucky 13' (see photo down the page).

I later discovered I wasn't the only one to think of the Richter Extended idea back in the 1980s. Steve Baker did too and, after he became a consultant for Hohner in 1987, tried to persuade them to make a 13-hole harp (as noted in his 1990 book The Harp Handbook). They demurred, but did agree to make his SBS 4-octave model out of the Hohner 365 14-hole harp, released in 1989. Steve is to be commended for being the first to get a 4-octave harp into the market, and the SBS has a nice sound. Unfortunately it also suffers from several drawbacks, reflecting its origin as essentially a re-tuned version of an existing older harmonica: wider hole spacing than standard 10-hole harps, raw pearwood combs that can warp and crack, nailed assembly, limited range of keys, lowest key of only C, a redundant 14th hole, and a bottom cover not deep enough to stop the lowest draw reeds from rattling.

My hand-made 13-hole Stretch Harps had none of those issues. They had screwed construction, non-absorbent combs, standard diatonic 7.5mm hole spacing, and a deeper lower cover (taken from the Hohner 364 model). I also made 13-hole A, G and Bb harps with extended range below the standard keys - not an octave higher as with the SBS. Other players liked them too, and I decided to make a fully-optimised Lucky 13 that anyone could buy.

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica
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I pitched the idea to the respected Chinese Easttop harmonica company in October 2014. They liked the concept, and were willing to invest in the considerable cost of molds and tooling to make the all-new comb, reedplates, and covers for this unique harmonica. In the nearly two years since then we have worked together on every detail to make the Lucky 13 the very best it can be, and I'm really proud of the result.

The Lucky 13 has it all: the standard range you're used to plus that Big Bottom, right there in your hands! Once you get used to a 4-octave Bass Blues Harmonica it is very hard to go back to the restricted range of a 10-hole harp ever again. It's two harps for the price of one: normal and low range, without having to buy/store both or switch harps in a tune.

the Inspiration Behind the Lucky 13
Brendan's hand-made 13-Hole Stretch-harps, the inspiration behind the Lucky 13
Here are the main features, 13 of them!
  1. World's first 13-hole harp, Patent Pending.
  2. Exactly 4 octave range in Richter tuning, with lower octave tagged on to normal 10-hole range.
  3. The same 7.5mm hole spacing as a normal 10-hole harp! That means it's easy to adapt to.
  4. Comfortable curved top cover, bottom cover raised at the bass end so the draw reeds never rattle.
  5. Holes in the coverplate ends, for extra volume.
  6. Solid comb, flat-sanded.
  7. Durable phosphor-bronze reeds.
  8. Thick chromed reedplates, secured with 11 screws for uniform airtightness.
  9. Clear visual numbering on top cover relates to the 10-hole diatonic, to make sure you never lose your place.
  10. UPDATE: Available now to pre-order in all 12 keys!
  11. Key indicators on front and ends of the comb, for those who like to stack harps vertically.
  12. Perfect for low chord rhythm or melody lines, and extended octave playing.
  13. Possible to retune the lower 3 holes to create new chords or extended alt tunings.
Check out the Demonstration Video to hear it in action:
Showing the box/case - Introducing the extra 7 keys to complete the 12 key range
Todd Parrott tries the Lucky 13 for the first time at SPAH 2106:
How to Replace Welded Reeds on a Lucky 13 Harmonica:

Buying Advice (WARNING: The Lucky 13 is Highly Addictive! Try it at your Peril)

The Lucky 13 represents amazing price value as well as fabulous functionality! If you consider that it is replacing two harps (standard and low-range), compare the prices of buying them both against one Lucky 13 yourself. The manufacturers who make low-range harps are Hohner, Suzuki and Seydel. Go online and add the prices of two of their harps (normal and low) against one Lucky 13. You will see that the Lucky 13 is half to one quarter of the cost! Besides saving you money and giving cool extra bass sounds in the convenience of one harp, you don't have to carry so many harps around. Two Harps in One: It's a win-win all the way!

We launched at SPAH in August 2016. The first batch of pre-order Lucky 13s sold out quickly, and we're getting many good reprts from the first customers (see the Feedback tab above). We now have good stock and the harps will be posted out stright away.

You can buy single harps in any key, plus we have two great multi-harp deals:

  1. Cost of one harp: £49 (about $60 US Dollars).
  2. Lucky 13 in 5 popular keys (G,A,C,D,F) for £203 (about $250 US - roughly $50 per harp)!
  3. Lucky 13 in ALL 12 KEYS for £390 (about $480 US - roughly $40 per harp)!
  4. Lucky 13 in 5 Keys of Your Choice for £203 (about $250 US - roughly $50 per harp)!

These prices won't last. Due to the plummeting British pound post Brexit prices will rise soon, so order now!


These harmonicas are sent to you direct by my business partner Roland, in Shanghai. This helps us to keep prices low and re-stock quickly. We use a respected Chinese courier company with tracking on all orders. In the rare event that your parcel gets lost, the courier company will need your contact telephone number. We recommend that you add the correct phone number into PayPal when you order, as this will ensure that you can be contacted in the event of an issue. (Your choice, but please note that without a valid phone number we cannot guarantee delivery).

All prices INCLUDE International Shipping with Tracking.

Lucky 13 Single-Harp Price



Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Lucky 13 12-harp Deal!



Add Carry Case for only £25:

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Lucky 13 5-harp Deal Number 1

The 5 Most Popular Keys: G, A, C, D, F


Add Carry Case for only £20:

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Lucky 13 5-harp Deal Number 2

Pick your own keys


G Ab A Bb B C
Db D Eb E F F#

Add Carry Case for only £20:

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Check out the accessories for the Lucky 13 , including carry cases and silver covers!

Lucky 13 silver covers Lucky 13 carry cases


The popularity of the Lucky 13 shows no sign of slowing, and many buyers are ordering multiple harps. We can now satisfy your requests for specially-fitted Lucky 13 cases with these soft but sturdy protective zipped pouches. They come with internal compartments for 5 or 12 Lucky 13s.
Lucky 13 carry cases Lucky 13 carry cases Lucky 13 carry cases Lucky 13 carry cases
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You can order them separately or with your multi-harp packages for a discounted price.

Prices for the carry cases are as follows:

  • 5-harp case: £25 (~$30)
  • 12-harp case: £35 (~$42)
  • 5 harp package: add case for £20 (~$24) extra
  • 12 harp package: add case for £25 (~$30) extra

Lucky 13 Carry Cases


Lucky 13 carry cases


If you prefer the coverplates of your harps to be chrome-plated, you can now choose that option for the Lucky 13. The standard colour is black and all Lucky 13s come that way from the factory, but you can now order chromed covers as an extra product to be fitted by you. They look great and feel smoother in the mouth:
Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica
Click to enlarge, click outside the photo to return.

Prices for the silver cover plates are as follows:
  • £16 (~$20) per set for < 5 sets
  • £14 (~$18) per set for 5+ sets
  • £12 (~$15) per set for 10+ sets

Lucky 13 Silver Coverplates

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Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica
Check out the unsolicited Lucky 13 buyers' comments on the popular Modern Blues Harmonica Forum
" I purchased the Lucky 13 Five Pack and find them to be the most air-tight and responsive out-of-the-box harps I have purchased. Congratulations on a great product. I like them so much that I have investigated how to fill out the set with all of the other keys. I expect to do that soon. "

Buzzy Green, USA (December 2016)
" Following my purchase of "Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica" I say a big thank you. I am completely satisfied with the quality, the sounds is really what I was looking for to be able to add to my collection of harmonica."

Laurent O, Belgium (November 2016)
" The Lucky 13 in G has arrived yesterday. It arrived with a shorter delay than I expected. This arrival made me feel lucky. Looks nice and sounds nice, now it is up to me to play it fine, this will need more training, but it is already a pleasure to play it. "

Joachim Delp, Germany (November 2016)
" It plays nicely, and it's comfortable in the hands. Wah-wahs and hand-shaping are not a stretch at all. I could never get used to the SBS but it's such a cool harp. Very happy with this! "

Howard Parks, USA (October 2016)
" The Lucky 13 is AMAZING. Looking forward to more! "

Jim Stockdale, USA (October 2016)
" Great Harp - Superb Quality Control - Great tone. I have several factory harps costing three times this much, with much less attention to detail. I recommend purchasing the set before Brendan figures how much these things are actually worth. "

R. Akers, USA (October 2016)
" Ok harp fans, just got my new Brendan Power lucky 13 harps.. man this is the best money spent on theses harp. First things first. As you can see, they come individually bubble wraped, seperate boxes and in their own cases, which includes a wipe cloth.. bad ass or what?? They are tight, i did not feel like i was sucking on the room. The extra three lower reeds ... its like it says on the box, Two Harps in One.. Overblow? You bet, right out of the box. Thanks Brendan... "

Dennis King, USA (September 2016)
" My A Lucky 13 arrived in today's mail. Every bit as good as the sample I played at SPAH, and a really fun harp! While great overall, one especially nice thing to my ear: On many diatonic harmonica models, the 3-blow does doesn't seem to have the same "punch" as the 2-draw. On the Lucky 13, that 3-blow (both the Low 3 and the regular 3) sound and feel just as soulful as the 2-draw. Really neat. Thanks again for this design, East Top's quality and attention to detail, Roland's nice customer service, and for pitching this harmonica at SPAH. Hope to cross paths with you again before too long. 'Til then, all the best."

Ukulele Rob, USA (September 2016)
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