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Special Offers

Orders of £60 or over are sent with Tracking (you can include a mix of items from the website to make up the £60).

Twin Harmonica System OctaHarp Selectable PROTOTYPE COMBS - HALF PRICE!

See OctaHarp Selectable Product Page

(Combs are the same as standard but with no locking pin and may have minor visual defects)

COMBS COLOUR (where available):



Quirky Combs

Now and then our PowerCombs don't print out perfectly. Below you can find a selection of second class/B-grade combs, which are FULLY FUNCTIONAL but have some visual defects beyond the normal tolerances. Our "Quirky Combs" are unique items and are all for sale with 50-60% OFF the normal price!

Buying Advice

Due to the nature of these combs, stock is not guaranteed, so please check back soon if a model is out of stock.

All combs are sanded and right-handed, but "pot luck" in terms of colour and other options.

Quirky Combs

Single combs have 60% OFF normal price. Price decreases further for multiple buy.

Model (chromatic):

Model (diatonic):

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