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Selected Music Tracks with Background Notes

Bamboo Under the Moonlight - from NEW CHINESE HARMONICA album 2012

I started listening to a lot of traditional Chinese music after discovering another of my musical gurus: Erhu player Min Hui Fen. Sadly she died recently, but her magnificent, emotional playing can be heard in many YouTube videos, some clips dating back to the Mao era. She inspired me to try and play her soaring, swooping bends on the harmonica - but I discovered it was impossible with conventioal designs. So I created a special harmonica that could authentically emulate the beautiful expressiveness of Chinese music, and other types that use microtonal bends - such as Indian and Middle Eastern styles. It works on the draw breath only, no blow notes, and I called it the AsiaBend. Once I had the harmonica to do justice to the music, I learned a bunch of beautiful Chinese tunes and recorded an album. More info and other clips at the link above.

Brendan's Selected Music Tracks

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