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Long Tall Mama - from TWO TRAINS RUNNING album 1995

I started out as a blues player, inspired to pick up the harmonica by hearing the great Sonny Terry live in New Zealand, then learning from records - mostly from my first harp idol Sonny Boy Williamson II. Even though I later diverged into many other styles, the blues has remained a constant through the years - such relaxing music to play, and a 'lingua franca' amongst musicians all around the world. When I moved to London in 1992 I met Dave Peabody, a stalwart of the UK blues scene from the 1960s. One of those aficianados who knows the time and place of every blues recording ever made, Dave is also a really powerful live performer on vocals and guitar. After doing a few fun gigs together, he suggested recording an album. We put 'Two Trains Running' down live in a couple of afternoons at his friend Andrew Cronshaw's house. It has a refreshing off-the-cuff  feel that I really like, derived from the speed we worked at: just a couple of takes of each song, then move on. That's the way to do an album! More info and other clips at the link above.

Brendan's Selected Music Tracks

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