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Rocky Top - from Country Harmonica album 1984

A track from my first ever album, a casette-only release paid for by New Zealand country music stalwarts Errol and Ginny Peters. They'd been to Nashville and bought a bunch of pre-recorded backing tracks - complete with harmony vocals, intended for a singer. Instead they asked me to play lead harmonica to  the tracks - but of course the backing vocals could not be removed! It gives the album a rather tacky effect when they regularly kick in, but I'm proud of the harmonica playing - quite advanced for diatonic harp at that time. It was all done using home made 11-hole harps in my first original tuning, Regular Breath. It's also the first ever album featuring another innovation of mine from that period, half-valving on harmonicas. More info and tracks from the album at the link above, and photos/info on the harmonicas and tuning is here.

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