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Digging In

Digging In is a very eclectic album - too eclectic for its own good, some would say. It switches from hard rock to anguished teeth-grinding avant garde solo soundscapes, to smooth jazz, to roots blues, to celtic... Such diversity comes naturally to me, but is perhaps not the best marketing strategy.

Digging In was released in New Zealand & Australia in 1991. Sadly the retailers were confused about where to place this record in their shelves, and it never quite managed double platinum status. Personally I'm proud of the playing and production on the individual tracks (75% are originals), but it certainly was a good lesson in targeting your market...


A pretty even mix of diatonics and chromatics. Tracks 1, 4, 9, & 10 are on retuned Suzuki ProMasters (half-valved), and the rest on retuned half-valved chromatics, mostly Hohner 270's.
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