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Country Harmonica (1984) State of the Harp (1990) Harmonica Nights (1990) Digging In (1991) Brendan Power & Geoff Castle (1992) Harmonica After Hours (1993) New Irish Harmonica (1994) Two Trains Running (1995) Blow In (1995) Dawn to Dusk (1996) Jig Jazz (1996) The Music from Riverdance (1996) Iron Lung (2002) Tradish (2004) BP & the Swingfellas (2006) Back to Back (2008) Lament for the 21st Century (2008) Power & White (2009) The Bulgarian Project (2011) Wriggle & Writhe (2011) New Chinese Harmonica (2012) Harp to Harp (2015) PUFNSAW (2016) Sketches in Blue (2017) Harmonica and Button-Box (2017) UNADORNED (2018)


DVD Track List

  1. Wriggle and Writhe
  2. Little Bird
  3. Jig into Reel
  4. Harmonica Man
  5. Sweet Bulgarity
  6. The Coolin/Jig Jazz
  7. The Rights of Man Set
  8. Baltic Arrival
  9. Our Lady of the Road
  10. The Mason's Apron
  11. Lorraine's Dream
  12. Celtic Thunder/Kent to Kintail

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Released in August 2011, Wriggle and Writhe showcases the duo at their sparkling best in 17 tracks and over an hour of music. Almost entirely recorded live without overdubs, what you hear is what you get: two brilliant musicians having fun!

Tim (nylon string guitar & button accordion) and Brendan (diatonic & chromatic harmonicas) are both regarded as top world exponents of their chosen instruments, but they possess an extra skill uncommon in the folk scene: a consummate ability to improvise.It's this capacity to think on their feet that makes their live shows so exciting - they never play things the same way, anything can happen! It keeps things fresh for them and the audience.

Trying to capture that live magic on disc is not always easy, but Wriggle and Writhe manages it superbly. Scintillating accordion/harmonica duets are interspersed with songs and guitar-based instrumentals so the sound remains fresh from track to track. This album marks the recording debut for Tim Edey as a singer, and many will be pleasantly surprised by the warm timbre of his voice. Brendan also contributes two quirky original songs to add to the mix. But unsurprisingly it's the virtuosity and sheer exuberance of the instrumental tracks that make this album stand out.

Live & Unlimited DVD

Released December 2012, Live & Unlimited Is just that: all the action from one great gig, shot and edited to capture the energy and interplay that make the duo's shows so special. Plenty of new material and fresh, extended versions of the old stuff!

UPDATE Feb 2012: on the back of the album's success, Tim and Brendan win Best Duo at the BBC2 Folk Awards, and Tim wins Best Musician
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