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Every other harmonica on my website is in one of my special tunings or completely designed by me, and I've never before sold harmonicas in stock tunings and setup, of any type. But these two fantastic brass-comb chromatic harmonicas from the rising Chinese manufacturer Easttop inspired me to break that rule for the first time - they are that good! After trying them, I decided I had to offer them to anyone who wants a truly high-class brass comb chromatic harmonica for a price they can afford.

A moving picture is worth a million words, so please check out the video to hear these babies in action!

The combs are really impressive, milled from solid blocks of brass using sophisticated 5 axis CNC machines. I keep up with contemporary developments in the scene, and in terms of high-tech CNC machining they are the most advanced solid chromatic harmonica combs in the world right now.

Their use of 5 axis milling allows Easttop to include the front lip/slider base as part of the comb - unlike MUCH higher priced metal-comb competitors such as the Hohner Silver Concerto and Suzuki Fabulous. Those older models have a separate baseplate between slider and comb/reedplates, which is a prime source of air-loss. On the Easttop brass-comb chroms the separate baseplate is eliminated altogether! This is a big improvement which allows their slider assemblies to be simplified down to just two parts, compared to the 3 parts and 4 parts of the opposition. It also makes assembly/disassembly much simpler and faster, as there is no need to get the reedplates and combs fitting flush at the front, as on the Fabulous and Silver Concerto.

Another improvement is that, unlike the Hohner and Suzuki models mentioned, the Easttop brass-comb chroms have front reedplate screws for all-round screw attachment, helping make an airtight seal on the critical comb/reedplate interface. These important improvements, combined with a silky smooth, quiet slide action, are why the Easttop brass-comb chromatics sound so good out of the box.
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Buying Advice

If you are inspired to order, you won't regret it! I've tried all the super-expensive metal comb chromatics available and can honestly say the two Easttops sound as good, if not better than the competition out of the box - for a tiny fraction of the cost.


These harmonicas are sent to you direct by my good friend and business partner Roland, in Shanghai. This helps us to keep prices low and re-stock quickly. We use a respected Chinese courier company with tracking on all orders. In the rare event that your parcel gets lost, the courier company will need your contact telephone number. The number will come through automatically from PayPal so please ensure it is uptodate. Without a valid phone number we cannot guarantee delivery.

Peace of Mind

When you buy this high-end harmonica from me, you can be sure it is as advertised and not a different model. Plus we send out with full door-to-door tracking and fast delivery by courier. You will receive an email with the tracking number when the harp is posted.

Retro-Fitting Suzuki and Hohner Reedplates...

Though the Easttops sound great as they are, it's always fun to mix and match parts from different brands. The 16 hole Suzuki reedplates (Suzuki SCX and Sirius for example) fit perfectly: same width, all screw holes are identical and you'd just have to add the three screws at the front.  The 12 hole Easttop comb's front screw holes match up with the three front screw holes on Hohner CX-12 reedplates. However the other screw holes are different and would need to be newly drilled to fit the comb; not a big job. The 12 hole reedplates are narrower than Suzuki ones; all reedplate screw holes would need to be re-drilled and the Suzuki reedplates trimmed at the back. But it's not too big a job either if you have some basic tools and skills.


" I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the new harmonica, which I picked up at the post office two days ago. It has a wonderful tone/sound. It makes me want to practice even more. Thank you for advertising it on your website. Greetings from the Netherlands "

John Verhagen, Netherlands (June 2017)

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