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Twin Harmonica System OctaHarp Selectable (prototype)

£110 £55

See OctaHarp Selectable Product Page

Finished product - combs are the same as standard, come with free valves (where available) but with no locking pin and may have minor visual defects


Twin Harmonica System OctaHarp Selectable

Scruffy Books

£29 £14.50

These are Brendan's teaching books which have minor creases, stains or printing errors. All text is legible and books include working and unused CDs, where available.

All books are HALF price!

Book Title:

Quirky Combs

Now and then our PowerCombs don't print out perfectly. Below you can find a selection of second class/B-grade combs, which are FULLY FUNCTIONAL but have some visual defects beyond the normal tolerances, or were from a previous version. Our "Quirky Combs" are unique items and are all for sale with 50-60% OFF the normal price!

Buying Advice

Due to the nature of these combs, stock is not guaranteed, so please check back soon if a model is out of stock.

All combs are sanded and right-handed, but "pot luck" in terms of colour and other options.

Quirky Combs

Single combs have 60% OFF normal price. Price decreases further for multiple buy.

Model (chromatic):

Model (diatonic):

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