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All harmonicas, without exception, need regular maintenance and occasional major repairs. To tweak your harps how you like them and to save lots of time, money and hassle, if you're serious about your playing I strongly advise you to teach yourself as much as you can about all aspects of harmonica repair and customising. The most basic skills are reed gapping and fine-tuning, but it will help a lot if you also learn retuning, reed replacement, valve replacement, comb flattening, reed-slot embossing, slider assembly optimisation, and other skills.

But in my experience the reality is that probably only about 10-15% of players are really bothered with fixing their harmonicas; they just want to play them without having any knowledge of how they work. In fact, most are actually scared to even remove the coverplates - let alone start messing with fragile little reeds.

Here is a list of some harp techs I know and recommend. Not all will do general repairs, but they will know someone who can.


Portugal customiser ANDRÉ COELHO (Hohner only) – Portugal - Linktree
USA customiser RICHARD SLEIGH (Hohner only) – USA - website
USA customiser JOE SPIERS - USA - website
Austalia customiser NEIL GRAHAM - Australia - website
Canada customiser ANDREW ZAJAK – Canada - website
USA customiser JOE FILISKO – USA - website
Netherlands customiser BEN BOUMAN - Holland - website
Sweden customiser JOEL ANDERSSON - Sweden - website
Russia customiser BORIS PLOTNIKOV - Russia - website
Latvia customiser SERGEY ZERNOSEK - Latvia - website


Sweden customiser JOEL ANDERSSON - Sweden - website
USA customiser GEORGE MIKLAS – USA - website
USA customiser STEVE MALERBI – USA - Email
Israel customiser DROR ADLER – Israel - website
USA customiser MICHAEL EASTON – USA - website
Portugal customiser ANDRÉ COELHO – Portugal - Linktree


USA customiser KINYA POLLARD - USA - website
France customiser MICHAËL DEVINEAU - FRANCE - website
Japan customiser KAN OUSMI - Japan - Facebook
UK customiser JOHN COOK - UK - website
USA customiser MIKE PEACE - USA - website
USA customiser HARVEY BERMAN - USA - website
USA customiser BURKE TRIESCHMANN - USA - website
USA customiser GARY LEHMANN – USA - Email
Canada customiser JEFF WILSON - Canada - website
USA customiser GREG JONES - USA - website
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