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OneHarp unboxing and review
André Daneau review
" Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products. The Lucky 13 PowerChromatic (in G) is now absolutely becoming my favorite harmonica. It's starting to replace my actual solo-tuned chromatics (even my much loved Sirius 48) for a lot of my music. It's so damn easy to bend notes on that thing! Please DO NOT discontinue that harp! "

Matt H, USA
" ... the Lucky 13 is a well-made and set-up instrument that plays responsively from top to bottom of its range right out of the box. The reed plates are emphatically screwed to the comb in a dozen places, and the Lucky 13 feels nice and tight, with none of the hissiness of air escaping through contact gaps between reed plates and comb that's endemic to the Hohner 365.

It has at least as much dynamic range as most diatonics, with a wailing sound when played hard that's very gratifying. It overblows easily in the middle register where a standard harp would, another sign of airtight construction and solid setup. It's compact and fits easily in the hand, with a feel similar to that of a standard 10-hole diatonic.

The Lucky 13 offers very competitive performance for the price. "

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Richard Hunter, USA

" Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the Lucky 13. I performed with it today and people really perked up when I played octaves using the extra low range. The harp is responsive, well made, and has a nice temperament in the tuning. Congratulations on making this harp a reality. It's exciting for all harp players that you are producing instruments. I just saw that PowerBender harps are shipping next month, so I'm thinking I'll be ordering a few more 13s in the near future. "

Tyler Neufeld, Canada (June 2017)
" I've always found in teaching, some of the most helpful suggestions to beginners come from the most trivial insights - but those are the very same insights accomplished players have already forgotten they learned. They've internalized it and don't think about it any more. One of those things is "where am I on the harp" - which, as you know, the Lucky 13 can upset a tiny bit. My insight, which again I acknowledge is obvious once you think about it, came to be when I moved the harps from the shop to my car for practice. I brought up music in the key of C to blow the F harp against. I found I had a much easier time "finding" my "home" position on the harp given the music to relate to. Now it was easier for me to jump down to the 1st octave and get re-situated on the 2nd because my ear-brain-muscle connection simply worked faster/more reliably. SO - my advice to new L13 users is "practice with backing tracks to help find your place on the harp. "

Greg Heumann, USA
" I just played the key of A lucky 13 that just arrived and this harmonica Is astonishing. These instruments are not simply harmonicas with extra holes. For example, I just bought the 14-hole marine band used to play bye bye bird by Sonny Boy Wiliiamson and there's nothing special about that harmonica when compared to the ones you make. They're awesome, thank you. "

Luke Welles, USA
" Love 'em!!!! I would love to see an eleven hole (or 10, eliminating the last one) where the starting note eg. on a C harp is G blow, B draw. Since on the lower keyed ones it is pretty difficult to get bends on hole 1 and 2. Just having that 4th lower makes for some great licks. Thanks for the Lucky 13. I have always liked playing the SBS, but these require a lot less tweaking.. "

Den B, USA (March 2017)
" I purchased the Lucky 13 Five Pack and find them to be the most air-tight and responsive out-of-the-box harps I have purchased. Congratulations on a great product. I like them so much that I have investigated how to fill out the set with all of the other keys. I expect to do that soon. "

Buzzy Green, USA
" Following my purchase of "Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica" I say a big thank you. I am completely satisfied with the quality, the sounds is really what I was looking for to be able to add to my collection of harmonica."

Laurent O, Belgium
" The Lucky 13 in G has arrived yesterday. It arrived with a shorter delay than I expected. This arrival made me feel lucky. Looks nice and sounds nice, now it is up to me to play it fine, this will need more training, but it is already a pleasure to play it. "

Joachim Delp, Germany
" It plays nicely, and it's comfortable in the hands. Wah-wahs and hand-shaping are not a stretch at all. I could never get used to the SBS but it's such a cool harp. Very happy with this! "

Howard Parks, USA
" The Lucky 13 is AMAZING. Looking forward to more! "

Jim Stockdale, USA
" Great Harp - Superb Quality Control - Great tone. I have several factory harps costing three times this much, with much less attention to detail. I recommend purchasing the set before Brendan figures how much these things are actually worth. "

R. Akers, USA
" Ok harp fans, just got my new Brendan Power lucky 13 harps.. man this is the best money spent on theses harp. First things first. As you can see, they come individually bubble wraped, seperate boxes and in their own cases, which includes a wipe cloth.. bad ass or what?? They are tight, i did not feel like i was sucking on the room. The extra three lower reeds ... its like it says on the box, Two Harps in One.. Overblow? You bet, right out of the box. Thanks Brendan... "

Dennis King, USA
" My A Lucky 13 arrived in today's mail. Every bit as good as the sample I played at SPAH, and a really fun harp! While great overall, one especially nice thing to my ear: On many diatonic harmonica models, the 3-blow does doesn't seem to have the same "punch" as the 2-draw. On the Lucky 13, that 3-blow (both the Low 3 and the regular 3) sound and feel just as soulful as the 2-draw. Really neat. Thanks again for this design, East Top's quality and attention to detail, Roland's nice customer service, and for pitching this harmonica at SPAH. Hope to cross paths with you again before too long. 'Til then, all the best."

Ukulele Rob, USA
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