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The Lucky 13 in PowerDraw Tuning

HIGH-END LICKS in PowerDraw Tuning

This is a great tuning for traditional blues harp players, because it retains ALL the familiar Richter scale in hole 1-6. Plus it gives you an extra bottom octave added on, for easy chord vamping and octaves. Two harps in one!

Instead of the confusing high octave change of breath pattern in Richter tuning, PowerDraw keeps the same pattern throughout the harp: the draw note is always higher than the blow. This means you can bend all the draw notes in the top octave!

The high draw bends holes 7-10 are the same notes you can bend lower down the harp, which makes them great for cross-harp Blues style.

PowerDraw is very easy to learn and gives good tongue-block double-stops for most of the range, plus overblows on every single hole. Now on the Lucky 13 you have all that PLUS the extra low octave, in all 12 keys!

Check out more videos using PowerDraw tuning.

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica


Tuning Diagram
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