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Like any harmonica, the Lucky 13 will benefit from small tweaks like reed gapping and fine tuning, as well as more extensive mods like slot-embossing, half-valving, custom combs etc. And as with any other harmonica, reeds will need replacing sometimes too.

We only sell the harmonicas, cases, alternate covers and combs. If you want to get an expert to do repair and customising work, we recommend the following craftsmen do the work for you. They all have Lucky 13 reeds in stock.

Burke Trieschmann / Open Door Harmonicas USA customiser

Open Door Harmonicas Open Door Harmonicas is pleased to announce support for the new Brendan Power Lucky 13 Harmonicas (customization, optimization, tunings, and other repairs).

Open Door harmonicas provides custom harmonicas and repair services by harmonica tech Burke Trieschmann. Custom diatonics in many models and optimized and refurbished chromatic harmonicas. Repairs for most Diatonic and Chromatic harmonicas (Including aux reed harmonicas- Sub 30 and XB 40's), Chromatic upgrades (with Brendan Power "Power Comb" upgrade options), octave tuned traditional music Hohner customs, and other specialty harmonicas.

For more information please contact:

Jeff Wilson / Wilson Music Services Canada customiser

Jeff Wilson Jeff has been in the harmonica business since 1981, formerly working for Hohner in Canada, at the factory in Trossingen, Germany and in the UK, where he was trained in harmonica repair by the late Willi Dannecker. Since 1986 he has operated Wilson Music Services in Canada, offering sales and service of harmonicas and accordions. His company is the authorized service centre in Canada for both Hohner and Seydel harmonicas - offering both warranty repairs and custom service. He provides service and instruments to Canada's most notable harmonica players, including Harpdog Brown, Jerome Godboo, Roly Platt, Paul Reddick, Al Lerman, Carlos del Junco and Mo Vint, to name but a few.

For more information please contact:

Ben Bouman / Ben Bouman Harmonicas Netherlands customiser

Ben Bouman Ben Bouman is our Lucky 13 'Recommended Customiser' for Europe. Ben is a highly respected player and customiser/repairer, especially well known for his great work with Seydel harps. We are very happy to recommend Ben to European players for all your Lucky 13 custom work and repairs.

For more information please contact:

Gary Lehmann USA customiser

Gary Lehmann Gary is a musician and technician in the San Diego area. He has served as the Suzuki repair person for warranty repairs since 2008, but repairs and customizes a variety of other harmonica brands and types, including Hohner, Seydel, Hering and Easttop. He specializes in custom tunings for chromatic and diatonic harmonica. Gary performs on the guitar in the San Diego area and incorporates the harmonica in his shows, using a variety of different tunings, including Power Chromatic, PentaBender and Orchestra Bebop. The Lucky 13 is a good candidate for custom tunings because of its large range and sturdy construction. Gary is proud to be a part of the Lucky 13 support team.

For more information please contact:

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