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  • Standard Richter 10-hole harp with an extra Bass End.
  • Like Having a Standard harp and a Low version in the One Harmonica (available in All 12 Keys).

LUCKY 13 Mk2 - August 2020

The Lucky 13 just got even better! Four years on from the launch of my unique Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica, the Mk2 version has arrived. Incorporating suggestions from players as well as ideas of my own, it has several improvements from the original model:

New Mk2 video!
  1. LACQUERED BLACK COVERPLATES Super smooth in the mouth and looking great, the new black lacquered covers will apply to the Richter, PowerBender and PowerDraw Lucky 13s.
  2. LOOK-DOTS These handy little position markers on the front of the comb mean you'll never lose your place on this bigger harp.
  3. LOW-END VALVES Five Valves raise the volume of the low-low bottom end of the Lucky 13.
  4. MULTI-HARP BOX Bigger box fits 3 harps and has an info sheet with tuning diagrams and extra information.

Using the Look-Dots!
If you want to retro-fit your current Lucky 13 with some of the new features, you can purchase the new slick black covers as well as the Mk2 combs with Look-Dots. Go to the accessories tab for details.
Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica
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Lucky 13 box design by GraphicPartnership

Here are the main features - 13 of them!

  1. World's first 13-hole harp!
  2. Exactly 4 octave range in Richter tuning, with lower octave tagged on to normal 10-hole range.
  3. The same 7.5mm hole spacing as a normal 10-hole harp! That means it's easy to adapt to.
  4. Comfortable smooth coverplates, bottom cover raised at the bass end so the draw reeds never rattle.
  5. Solid comb, flat-sanded.
  6. Look-Dots on the comb, for easy navigation on this larger harp.
  7. Durable phosphor-bronze reeds.
  8. Thick chromed reedplates, secured with 11 screws for uniform airtightness.
  9. Clear visual numbering on top cover relates to the 10-hole diatonic, for familiarity.
  10. Available in all 12 keys and 6 different tunings – more to come!
  11. Additional valving as appropriate on the different models.
  12. Key indicators on front and ends of the comb, for those who like to stack harps vertically.
  13. Accessories available: combs, covers, multi-harp cases

Useful Videos

(These relate to the old model but more videos for the Mk2 model will be coming soon...)
Check out the Demonstration Video to hear it in action
Showing the box/case - Introducing the extra 7 keys to complete the 12 key range
Todd Parrott tries the Lucky 13 for the first time at SPAH 2016
How to Replace Welded Reeds on a Lucky 13 Harmonica


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The Lucky 13 represents amazing price value as well as fabulous functionality! If you consider that it is replacing two harps (standard and low-range), besides saving you money and giving cool extra bass sounds in the convenience of one harp, you don't have to carry so many harps around. Two Harps in One: It's a win-win all the way!

Lucky 13 Single-Harp


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Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Lucky 13 12-harp Deal!

ALL 12 KEYS (discount applied)


Add Carry Case for only £25:

Lucky 13 bass blues harmonica

Check out the accessories for the Lucky 13 , including carry cases, silver covers and look-dot combs!

Lucky 13 silver covers Lucky 13 carry cases


These harmonicas are sent to you direct by my good friend and business partner Roland, in Shanghai. This helps us to keep prices low and re-stock quickly. We use a respected Chinese courier company with tracking on all orders. In the rare event that your parcel gets lost, the courier company will need your contact telephone number. The number will come through automatically from PayPal so please ensure it is uptodate. Without a valid phone number we cannot guarantee delivery.
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